This is a link to a friend of mine's site. He's a jazz guitarist. I think he's good, but he's my friend and he recorded one of the two songs he's written for me so I'm just little .... hehehehehehehehe anywho.... His name is Sam Crain and I thought I'd give him a plug here. One of my songs is on his Rose of Loami CD. It's called Ada's Pissoir Christmas. Sam has quite the sense of humor. I told him once I had a pissoir Christmas and it cracked him up so bad next thing I knew I had a song. Oh well, for those of you who like jazz I hope you take a listen. I'm pretty proud of Sam. Besides of being talented, he's got a great all around attitude. You'll see when you check out his site.

I like progressive jazz also so I really like his Bird's-Eye View CD too. Sorry just rambling.