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    05.25.18 @ 05:12 AM
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    Default The Simpsons and King of the Hill Renewed

    The Simpsons and King Renewed
    Source: Variety March 20, 2006

    Fox has officially announced that it will renew King of the Hill for an 11th season, even though the show halted production more than a year ago, says Variety. Also, The Simpsons has been given a greenlight for its 18th and 19th seasons -- keeping TV's longest-running entertainment series on the air through at least 2008.

    With extra episodes already in the can, King of the Hill continued to run on Fox this year, even though the show had long ago closed up shop. With no new episodes ordered last year, the show's writers, vocal talents and production crew had all moved on, and 20th Century Fox TV let go of "King's" Century City offices.

    "The network had made its peace with 'King of the Hill' wrapping up," said Gary Newman, 20th Century Fox TV president. "But lo and behold, it showed incredible resilience in terms of ratings. The network realized that the show could still work for them."

    The long lead time for animation forces networks to decide whether to renew a show almost a year before the season starts.

    Insiders said the key negotiation involved bringing back "King" co-creator Mike Judge, who also voices Hank Hill (the show's lead character). Judge agreed to do it as long as executive producers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky also returned.

    Altschuler and Krinsky, who were working on movie scripts but were still attached to 20th Century Fox TV, agreed to sign on. After that, and with "King's" other vocal stars back aboard, they brought back many of the show's former writers.

    Because of its late start, King of the Hill won't be able to return next year until January at the earliest. That's fine by Fox, which mostly airs NFL overruns in the fall during the 7 p.m. hour anyway.

    "King," which was created by Greg Daniels, is now in production on its 11th season. Altschuler, Krinsky, Judge and Daniels executive produce.

    As for The Simpsons, the order takes the show into its 18th and 19th seasons, making it by far the longest-running comedy in the history of Fox.

    The greenlight also means the 400th episode of The Simpsons will air in season 18; it's tentatively slated for May 20, 2007.

    James L. Brooks and Matt Groening executive produce The Simpsons for Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox TV.
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    01.30.18 @ 04:46 AM
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    i love king of the hill. i was upset when they said it was cancelled this year. but hey 10yrs is a good run. now we get an eleventh. i just wish fox would actually air it. impossible to watch during football, games always run late. so you really can't even see it until late feb march. i think they have aired maybe 6 or 7 new eps this year.

    anyway...... this is great news!

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    03.03.18 @ 06:52 PM
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    Well this is great news for a Monday morn.
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    Excellent.....I love king of the hill though I always seem to miss the new ones so when i do watch it i don't know if its new or old or anything but I usually like it. Though there are so many annoying characters, Hank and his buddies make up for all of that. They're hiliarious. The Simpsons I've been watching every week since I was 5 or 6. They have their dud episodes (Which I think started happening in the 02-03 season....before then it was pretty consistently good) but they have their good epiosdes too...and when they're on they're on still to this day.....even given that I feel they've earned their spot...for as long as they feel they can still go. Good news. Fox made a big mistake in cancelling futurama and they're thinking of bringing that back too and they've confirmed several dvd movies already (which I know given the writers' history that it'll be better after such a long layoff than Family Guy is today....which is to say Family Guy is not very good anymore). But good news all around for Fox
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