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Thread: The Legacy

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    12.15.08 @ 06:25 PM
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    The Legacy

    I find myself asking the same question every time a new piece of drama hits the fan: What will the Van Halen legacy be? I have done no official poll, however, I get the feeling that the music and influence of the band gets over-shadowed by all the drama.

    1) Dave out
    2) Sam in
    3) Sam out
    4) Dave in
    5) Dave out
    6) Gary in
    7) Gary out
    8) Sam and Dave together
    9) Dave in and out three separate times
    10) Mikey out and not playing on albums
    11) Sam in
    12) Sam out

    Mike made an interesting comment about the Hall of Fame. Essentially theorizing that the reason they have not been nominated is due to all the drama. It lends credibility to the theory that the public feels this way.

    Black Sabbath comes to mind in all of this... Talk about a rocky history... They have had many singers, band mates, etc... Oh yeah, and drama. But somehow people really only choose to remember the "good days" w/ Ozzy.

    Could Van Halen receive such favorable "forgiveness"? The one difference I see is that when Black Sabbath decided to re-unite and mend fences, there was finality to it. Meaning: that was then - this is now. No more telling bad stories, holding grudges, breaking up, re-uniting again, breaking up, re-uniting again... They may not play all the time but the hatchet has been buried. At least in public. LOL I am afraid the boys are coming off as clowns running around the miniature fire truck switching drivers and throwing pies. (to the public)

    I believe that the public and music historians look at the back and forth and drama and it inevitably over shadows the music. Bands come and bands go. That's the nature of the business. But more so, it's the nature of humans. It's hard to get along, manage egos, share creative ideas... I get that.

    Overall, I don’t care what people think about my favorite band and the music I love. But I would sure hate to see their “lack of togetherness” jeopardize their influence and legacy.

    What do you think???
    Come on baby, close your eyes, let go
    This can be everything we dreamed

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    03.13.07 @ 12:56 AM
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    The average Joe does not hear or understand how great Edward is, or how great the band is/was.

    The average Joe would probably compare them to Poison.

    Same goes with the R&R Hall.

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    09.13.08 @ 03:22 AM
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    honestly, you cant compare any band or band member to eddie van halen right now,he is so out of his mind! im surprised he knows what a guitar is.

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    04.03.12 @ 10:26 AM
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    hopefully they will think back on unchained, Panama, Hot for teacher, Dreams, how do I know it's love. etc........ kind of like Jordan, we'll forget about the wizards... but we'll remember all the good things.....
    Sam, Dave,Gary... who cares. its all about what makes you feel good.



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