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    Open letter to Edward Van Halen


    Just wanted to drop you a line in the rare event you stumbled across this letter. I write this with an open mind and no harmful intentions... What drove me to write this was that picture of you at the Oscar party. That picture bothered me and prompted the below stream of thoughts…

    It has been a great and inspirational ride that you have provided all of your fans over the years. You have certainly left an imprint on this world and on my life in particular. Your music has moved me and has inspired me on many levels. You were always very pleasant and gracious when I was fortunate enough to be in your company. But I'd like to think I speak for most fans out there… we are worried about you. We are worried about the legacy of this awesome band.

    This isn't about what singer, manager, wife, company did you wrong... This is about you. You have changed.

    The one thing that always stuck out to me over the years was the "bands" comment that it has always been about the music. And it showed. You might have been more known for the "Eddie Van Halen Smile" than the actual playing to the general public. You had fun! Where is the love of the music now? Where is the love for your brothers in your band? I saw a summer of shows in 04’with the exact same set-list. That’s not loving the music, that was going through the motions collecting a check. When you were not on stage all hell broke lose it seems.

    Which leads me to ego. I have articles that state that Van Halen is an ego-less band. That was the cool thing about you guys. Maybe at one time, however, what I am seeing now bleeds of insecurity, ego and substance abuse.

    If there is a beef with Sam and Mike for having a business and mentioning their product, I would think that you out of anyone would not mind. Considering, you marched on stage every night in 04’ wearing a guitar around your neck that would later be to auctioned for HUGE dollars. I don’t even recall that being for charity. Not to mention, don’t you sell the D-Tuna, pedals, guitars, etc? The insecurity of it all blows me away because what you seem to forget is that you are EDDIE VAN HALEN… Everyone is there to see you. Who cares that Sam has a Cabo t-shirt. By the way, it didn’t bother you when you owned a portion of the club.

    I do want to make something clear… I understand that you are a guy in a band. Just because you were good or popular doesn’t change the fact that you a guy in a band. The skinny kid from Pasadena. You don’t owe it to your fans to play forever.

    But, if music is something you want to continue under the name Van Halen, I beg you think before you react. Please don’t damage what “Van Halen” stands for and it means to many people more than it has already. Enough of the bullshit! If you want to play with your “soul brothers” then do it. If you want to fight, keep band-mates off albums, change singers like t-shirts… Don’t waste our time and hopes!!!

    You are the best at what you do… Get yourself together. By the looks of that picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if I read “Guitar legend Eddie Van Halen was found in is house dead clutching a bottle of wine surrounded by hate and depression”. I would hate to remember my hero that way.

    Shine On…


    Tom P.
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    04.29.16 @ 06:05 AM
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    Just a few things.

    A. It's a rock band...not a biggie.

    B. Ed doesn't check out this website.

    C. If his own wife can't help him with his demons, how will a letter from "Whammybar" help?

    D. While the picture isn't flattering, I wouldn't draw to many conclusions from just a 30th of a second.

    E. Your thougths could have easily gone into another thread already discussing Ed's health.
    Actually I think most of us are Dave, Sam, and Mike fans. There's just a small group of people who have strange allegiances and like to get into petty pissing contests that I can't believe everyone on this site isn't bored of. - Brett



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