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    Default Single coil pickups anyone?

    I putting a strat together and looking for some good pickups, there are a ton out there and I just dont know what I want, well Im going for the Hey Joe/Wind Cries Mary tone, big round and fat or the SRV "Lenny" tone. I know amps play a huge part in tone but pickups are a start. I have looked at most major and some boutique brands and just looking for opinions now. Give me a holla!

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    Yeah, there are so many options I can see how it'd be tough to choose. I've used:

    Seymour Duncan SSL-1s and Alnico II Pros
    Fender Texas Specials
    Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots

    I'd describe Vintage Hots as having a round tone. Clear, but without spiky trebles. These are what I use now. I also like the Alnico II Pros for similar tonal reasons. Both are smoother sounding than the SSL-1s, though I'd describe all three sets as having a classic Strat sound (the SSLs are maybe more Buddy Holly than Hendrix, though). Texas Specials are probably too aggressive/midrangey for what you want, but I liked them with overdrive. Hope this helps.



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