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    05.01.12 @ 10:03 PM
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    The Boyz
    Go to the audio section and listen to a bit of their song, then listen to old bootlegs of Van Halen or the Zero demos, compare them, hey, its fun! I wish there was more tapes or stuff of other bands who played in the clubs along with Van Halen, I think its interesting to get an idea of just how Van Halen was so different from the other stuff out there, or how people were trying to copy them, (or vice-versa?).
    I never knew George Lynch was playing in local bands at the same time as Eddie. If you were a teenager in the 80's, a fan of Van Halen, and a guitar player, you probably will get a kick out of this and think about all those Eddie vs Randy Rhoads vs George Lynch arguments you guys used to have about who was better! (Being a girl, and a guitar player at that time, well, nobody gave two shits for a gals opinon [img]graemlins/irked.gif[/img] , but I gave them anyways)
    Wow, just think about it, isn't being a Van Halen Fan meaning debating with someone about something most of the time? Think about it.

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    05.06.13 @ 08:22 AM
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    Wow Michael White is still around! I saw the White up here in Montreal back in 89. Great show and this guy sounded just like Robert Plant. I never knew there was a Van Halen connection.

    Thanks for the story HailNGirl. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]



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