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He says this leads us to a segway into another replacement singer & he's referring to Sammy Hagar for David Lee Roth & says he wants to talk a little about Eddie Van Halen.

Y2J says he met a photographer in Los Angeles at Zakk Wylde's Hollywood Rock Walk induction. He says that's not to be confused with the Hollywood Walk & says the Rock Walk's in front of the Guitar Center & the Hollywood Walk Of Fame's in Hollywood Boulevard. He says Zakk was inducted & also says he met a guy named Robert M. Knight. He says go on www.robertmknight.com & says you'll see the greatest photos in rock & roll history. He says Knight's been around since Jimi Hendrix & says he took photos of Hendrix & everyone in the last 40 years in between. He says that Knight told him that Eddie's not doing good because he told Knight that
Eddie's 1 of his favorite guitar players & he says that Knight told him [in a Robert M. Knight impersonation] "he ain't doing so great buddy boy".

Y2J asks "what are you doing Eddie" & says Eddie's 1 of the greatest guitar players of all time & says Eddie's not recording with anyone. He says he don't care if Eddie gets back together with Van Halen, but tells him to do something like a blues record, a classical record, or something. He says
instead we just have seen nothing or heard nothing from Eddie Van Halen in many years. He says we've seen David Lee Roth who replaced Howard Stern when Stern went to [as he says it] "The competition to XM Radio" [aka Sirius].

Anyhow Y2J says Sammy Hagar's still touring, putting out records, still being
Sammy, sings like a dream & an awesome singer. He says basically Eddie's the
forgotten man who's M.I.A. & says the glory days are far behind him. He says the glory days back when he'd take a dentist drill, hold it up to the pickup of his cramer or his peevee Wolfgang & he'd go completely insane. He asks as to what does "Poundcake" really mean & says think really hard & says he's sure you'll figure it out.

5.Plays Van Halen's "Poundcake", Sammy Hagar's "Mas Tequilla" & David Lee Roth's "Sensible Shoes".

6.Y2J says "Sensible Shoes" is a song that you'd listen to on a lazy day with the top down, just driving down the road & thinking about girls. He says when that record came out back in '91, he had a '76 Valari, bottle green with rust. He says he bought that record & there was a girl that he liked named Holly who was from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada & says if she's listening, he says in an unusual accent: "I liked you, I REALLY liked you, I had crush on you". He says the record came out in February & says that was weird because he says whenever a Van Halen or David Lee Roth record came out when there was snow on the ground, it didn't quite resinate as well as it did when the sun was out.

Y2J says Van Halen music & David Lee Roth music should come out when the sun's shinning. He then says he was driving down the street in his '76 Valari & says that song [Sensible Shoes] came on & then Y2J sang some lyrics from it:"The gypsies said I blew my sazu, ah, come on" & says it was so laid
back, almost as if Roth was a lounge singer. He says "Diamond Dave" now lives on the morning radio show time on NY's K-Rock [NOTE FROM JEFF, for those that care, it's not K-Rock/WXRK anymore, but it's now WFNY. Also for those interested, here's Roth's 92.3 profile: www.923freefm.com/pages/1287.php as well as a list of stations that carry his show: http://david.freefm.com

Y2J asks how's Roth done & says he hasn't heard much about it & says if you hear Roth's show, he's interested in your opinions & asks if Roth's show lives up to his show.