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    Default Guitars as investments

    Here's an interesting article I read on MSN's site earlier...

    MSN Article

    Supplied without comment...
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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    If I was handed $50,000 I would invest it in Mutal Funds and tax- free annuities, maybe some 10 year treasury bonds. Not guitars.


    First, you'd need to invest in an expensive guitar right off the bat. Then you have to hope that there's a desire for this guitar in the future.

    In the 1980s, the vintage guitar market went through the roof, this was due to the Japanese economy and the Japanese love of all things Americans. 1950s Caddillacs and guitars trippled in value within two years. Other classic guitars soon followed. People started collecting guitars as an investment back then and lost their butts. In the bloated economy of the 1990s, when people were spending $200 on Beanie Babies, the vintage market had a resurgence, but then it stalled out in 2001 with the economy going into the tank. Then you have a glut of people trying to dump their guitars, so the price drops.

    Collecting guitars is cool, and if along the way you end up with a collectable or two - even better. Collect them because you love them.

    Side note: My good friend collects guitars. He's got 22 at the momment. He collects 80s Jacksons and pieces from exclusive Southern California luthiers. When I go to his house he'll break out a dozen and we spend the night playing them. The multiple guitar thing can be really addictive
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    Non-playing guitar investors should be beaten about the head and shoulders with their "investment", and strangled with and instrument cable.
    "Having an opinion that people disagree with doesn't make you a Douche, arguing with the people who disagree with your opinion and calling them stupid does!" -Me.



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