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    01.21.06 @ 07:22 PM
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    Van Halen 1984 and 5150

    Hey guys-
    Just wanted to share the link to some memorabilia I have on Ebay

    I have the tour programs and authentic concert shirts from their tours in the 80s. I am not a spammer or anything - I am a hardcore fan and have been to all the shows. The shirts do not fit me anymore and rather than let the stuff continue to sit in my garage and collect dust I thought it was time to pass it on...

    If anyone is interested, please feel free to check out my concert listings...

    I have t-shirts from all sorts of shows up there I went to when I was a teenager.

    I see you all have a thread on LOST... I am heading there now...
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    03.01.12 @ 04:52 PM
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    Holy shit. I used to have a copy of Van Halen Metal Mania. I have no idea what happened to it.
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    05.24.18 @ 10:09 PM
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    We have a ebay thread in the Main VH forum, add this into that thread.

    Dont start a new thread for ebay stuff.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
    And thats about what its worth.



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