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Thread: A Class Act

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    Default A Class Act

    Hi all.

    For those who know me, you know I hail from the Pittsburgh area and am a Steeler fan.

    Well, to make a long story short, last week we had the VERY unfortunate experience of having one of our finest, a state police trooper, gunned down in cold blood during a routine traffic stop. Fortunately a suspect was captured two days later.

    The family obviously is distraught. Well, Ben Roethlisberger who knows several state troopers, wanted to do something. Here is the story:

    Ben Comforts Family

    CENTER TWP. - Florence Pokorny caught wind that a visitor might be stopping by Tuesday night to express condolences for the recent tragedy that took her son's life.

    And sure enough, there was Ben Roethlisberger knocking at the door around 7 p.m.

    After practice, the Pittsburgh Steelers' star quarterback made the trek from team headquarters on Pittsburgh's South Side to the Center Township home of Joseph and Florence Pokorny. Roethlisberger came to express his sorrow to the Pokorny family, which is still mourning the loss of their son, Cpl. Joseph R. Pokorny Jr., a Pennsylvania state trooper who was shot and killed in the line of duty on Dec. 12.

    "When I saw Ben, I just said, 'I can't believe this,' " Florence Pokorny said. "I hugged him and thanked him for stopping by. After I hugged him, Ben said, 'Watch the thumb.' I kissed it and told him it would be better for the Steelers' next game."

    Roethlisberger, who's been playing with an injured thumb in recent weeks, did not know Cpl. Pokorny. But he has known several other state troopers. And ever since Pokorny's death, Roethlisberger wanted to do something personally to console the Pokorny family. So he decided to pay them a visit.

    Although Roethlisberger came unannounced, a state trooper did call Florence Pokorny earlier in the day to inform her that someone "special" would be stopping by and that her immediate family was allowed to be present.

    So Tuesday evening, 11 members of the Pokorny family and four close friends gathered and wondered whom this special visitor might be. On hand for Roethlisberger's visit were Cpl. Pokorny's son, Joe, and daughter, Ali; Pokorny's sister, Laura; and his brother, Frank, his wife, Carolyn, and their children.

    "My first reaction to Ben's visit was just watching the delight on Jake and Ali's faces. It was pure delight," said Frank Pokorny, a former Center High School football star who played tight end for the Steelers in 1985.

    "For one brief moment, Ben Roethlisberger took away all the bad emotions that we've been dealing with the last week or so. It just goes to show you what a class organization the Steelers are and what a great guy Ben is."

    Roethlisberger, 23, spent more than an hour at the Pokorny residence. He posed for pictures. He signed autographs. He presented Jake and Ali Pokorny with footballs signed by the Steelers. And he dropped off tickets for the Steelers' regular-season finale against the Detroit Lions on Jan. 1.

    "I can't begin to tell you how touched we were by Ben coming to visit us," Florence Pokorny said. "He was so nice to us. What a gentleman he is. I'm just so touched that he would take time out of his busy schedule to pay us a visit. He really made our day."


    Just wanted to share this with you all.

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    Huge Steeler fan here too...That is a very cool story.

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    way to go Ben.......



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