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    03.21.06 @ 08:09 AM
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    Want to send Ed and Al a Christmas Card ?

    PM me and I will give you the address . I will not post it on this site .

    This would be there actual home address . I won't be responsible if they don't reply or for some reason send it back . And please , don't talk about me . I don't know them personally or nothing , I just know their address .

    I have sent something a few months back and it didn't get sent back so I will guess that they either got it and read it or got it and threw it away .

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone , notice I didn't say Happy Holidays .

    If you are like me , you are still hoping for that Rockin' Van Halen Christmas CD .

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    04.03.12 @ 10:26 AM
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    go to type in celeb addresses, you have everyone you could dream of there... good luck.
    Sam, Dave,Gary... who cares. its all about what makes you feel good.



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