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    Default SONY CDs Install Malicious Spyware

    Sony attack intrusive, arrogant
    Legitimate property protection does not permit invasive electronic tricks

    For those who thought the scandals at Enron, WorldCom and Adelphia dampened a culture of corporate arrogance, we give you Sony BMG. The giant media company's offense wasn't in the sphere of corrupt finance or accounting, like the others. This company committed a kind of digital breaking and entering into the personal affairs of its own customers.

    In an effort to limit mass copying of compact discs, several recent releases of popular artists came with built-in software that automatically - meaning, without permission - loaded onto computers using Windows. Not only did the software restrict copying, it complicated transfers to iPods, opened a security hole that hackers could exploit and, perhaps worst of all, secretly transmitted details about what the PC played.

    And it got worse. Manual efforts to remove the software could damage a computer. Under intense criticism, Sony BMG offered a program to uninstall the software, but getting it was complicated and, once used, widened the security hole.

    Question: What gives anyone, an individual or a corporation, the idea that it can tamper with someone's private property without permission, and then spy on that person? Don't they build prisons for that kind of intrusion?

    Texas actually sued Sony BMG over this, contending the company violated the state's new anti-spyware laws. "People buy these CDs to listen to music," said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. "What they don't bargain for is the computer invasion that is unleashed by Sony BMG." Exactly right.

    Copying compact discs is a real issue of importance to recording companies, their employees and the artists. The ease of mass file sharing created a legitimate problem; those affected by it have a right to respond. But they were wrong to intrude or invade. The company needs to find another way to protect its legitimate interests. Sony BMG and anyone else who thinks it's fun to surreptitiously monitor private behavior needs to be made painfully aware that their customers and the law won't stand for it. New York, by the way, has no law similar to the one in Texas. It needs one.

    Uninstall Software/Infected CD List
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