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    11.06.14 @ 02:09 AM
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    bad experience buyying a guitar from frankenstraat!!

    a friend of mine bought a frankenstrat clone from james aka frankenstraat over at the eddievanhalen forums.turned out to be a night mare,guitar was made with wrong parts and had tunning issue.james has been slaming him all over the net,so here is his response!

    here is what my friend scott just posted at the eddievanhalen may not be up there long,because frankennut is a moderator and will prob delete it!!

    (I had no intention of making my position public as I had initially told James Duffy; however, since he is making statements publicly about our transactions that are untrue, I feel compelled to respond.

    I paid for an EVH pickup (like the one James refers to in Pyramesh’s guitar) I was willing to accept a less expensive Gibson Burstbucker Pro w/Alnico 5 magnet. He supplied an even cheaper Classic 57 w/Alnico 2 magnet. And yes, these are two “different” model pickups offered by Gibson. Anyone arguing that they’re the same is either inept or lying.

    I paid for a new wide profile 22 fret neck 1 11/16” at the nut. He gave me a thin profile used neck 1 5/8” at the nut. This was re-fretted and re-worked from 21 to 22 frets instead of supplying what was originally specified.

    I paid for Schaller tuning machines made in Germany. I received cheap Korean Gin Ho (sp) tuners and was told that this change was made because Schaller’s “wouldn’t fit the ream holes of the used neck”. This was another unwelcome surprise.

    The next day I noticed dead spots on the fret board when playing. A trip back to James and this was explained as “a few frets popping up that needed to be put back into place”.

    A few days after that, the dead spots returned. This time it was explained that the “frets weren’t initially crowned”. This was done and re-done over the course of two more visits back to James.

    I paid for a vintage 80s original Floyd Rose and none of the pickups or hardware were to be rusted per my specs. The hardware he supplied, i.e., eyebolts, pickups and 5-position switch were rusted. I find his excuse that he supplied a “new” Floyd because I didn’t want any rusted hardware amusing – This is obviously a “selective” defense that he only applies as needed.

    Next the guitar wouldn’t stay in tune when the bar was used. Subsequent trips back to James to overcome this problem involved screwing the claw into the body all of the way and when that wasn’t enough to fix it, the tines of the claw were bent inward instead of just installing better quality springs.

    That remedy didn’t last long and it was back to James for more repairs. The trem springs were replaced this time with a heavier gauge to create proper tension with the strings because it was pulling sharp even though it was “top-mounted”.

    By October, it had been nearly two months of back and forth and I decided to take the guitar to a professional luthier. He examined it and quickly determined that the nut was moving out of place every time the bar was used, causing it to go out of tune.

    He advised me to return to James and have him perform the repairs or get a refund.

    I gave James an ultimatum fix it per my builder’s findings or refund my money. I even wrote out clear instructions for him to follow with regard to the “issues” we had been arguing about.

    James decided to replace the nut with an 80s “original” Floyd Rose, which he said was “better machined” than the one he originally supplied and had more threads on the screws”. This didn’t work and he returned to the old nut because even shimming the new one would hold it in proper alignment. He flooded the bed with crazy glue and re-installed the original nut. After that he kept blaming “bent strings” for the problem, which I had him change several times to no avail.

    He promised a one to two week turn-a-round and the whole experience lasted three months before I had it repaired by a professional luthier.

    A refund was demanded, but somehow cash was always a problem for James, e.g., “couldn’t cash the money order sent by another customer because it wasn’t the right kind for his check-cashing place”, “ATM wouldn’t dispense enough money when I went to get it for you”, dog ate my homework, blah, blah, blah………..

    Too bad it was my 300lbs. that forced James Duffy to perform countless repairs and to cut me a deal on a second guitar in order to compensate me for the time wasted in pursuit of his deficiencies as a builder. It should have been character that motivated him.

    Scott )
    here is the link

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    07.12.17 @ 04:19 PM
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    Guess what? I don't care.

    Don't you think your last thread was closed for a reason?
    \m/ VH \m/

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    08.07.17 @ 07:14 PM
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    Hey, I got an idea...

    You're better off posting in this thread...
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    05.20.18 @ 01:37 AM
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    Why did you restart this? You've said it already, please don't start anymore threads about this.
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