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    Default KSCuM Subscription Service

    And now, a bit about KSCuM Subscriptions..

    KSCuM would like to offer a new service to any and all interested fans and it is a bit more than just a subscription..

    What we want to do is offer FREE Delivery of KSCuM links so you wont have to miss any shows or hunt for links..that's right, as a subscriber, you will now get ALL New KSCuM show Links,delivered, right to ur email inbox!
    Here's how its gonna work:

    You will click on the "KSCuM Subscription" Link which will take you to a separate "room", the KSCuM Room, and in it you will find a KSCuM Subscription forum..

    First thing to do is go into the Subscription forum and read the First thread about the subscription service, then go to the 2nd thread to sign up.
    Once you sing up, all you need to do is send us your email addy to our PM(links in the thread) and we will get you all set up

    Right now, it looks like Dec. 2nd's KSCuM lineup will be the first set of links to be delivered, but we need to get the subscriptions in place first, hence the presign-up stage.

    Eventually, this thread will go away and all sign up will occur by clicking on a link in my or LL's Sig , and, hopefully, each subscriber will host a link in their sig as well.

    After you sign up and leave ur email addy in PM, you will become an Official KSCuM Subscriber and all the benefits and access will be granted. You will receive a password that will allow u access to the whole, big KSCuM Subscribers Page, all the forums and so on.

    Now keep in mind, i'm no computer genius, so im working as we go and any feedback or help for the Page is needed/appreciated!!

    The important part right now is just getting signed up and getting us your email, we'll make everything all pretty and whatever, later as we move forward.
    Btw, its stated there, and ill state it here:

    KSCuM does not, nor ever will, sell or give out ur email to anyone for ANY reason at all. So rest assured, you are safe with us.

    Ok, so we'll fix any bugs and issues as we go, but let's get started.

    Who wants a FREE Subscription and FREE Delivery?

    Click below:

    ~KSCuM Subscribers Page~

    Remember, when you go to the page, all you will see is the Subscription forum, the rest is purposely invisible..we gotta save some suprises

    Go in, read, then sign up, then send me ur email in THIS PM(VHLinks), and you will get set up and then receive the password that will unlock all the forums/benefits of being a subscriber...if you encounter any problems doing so, PM me please right away!

    Thx to all the great feedback and participation, ALL of us(all 2) at KSCuM really appreciate it and this is one small way of giving back!
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    pm'd ya with a question about signing up

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    Pert come on dude, we got two threads already for KSCUM, interested parties are in those threads anyway. It didn't require a third. I'm closing this up.
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