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    01.25.10 @ 11:30 PM
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    Scott Henderson!!

    Im listening to his stuff off the Tore Down House record and it is just incredible! Does anybody else here listen to him ? If you have never heard of him I suggest you get some stuff if you like some wild insane jazz fusion/ blues rock guitar !

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    11.22.08 @ 05:59 AM
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    Scott Henderson is one of my favorite players. (Along with fellow jazz fusion guys Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, etc.)

    That's a good record...the best of his solo stuff is his new double live CD.

    For a real treat, you need to listen to Tribal Tech, the band he co-led with Gary Willis (monster bass player) for a good dozen years. My top picks: Illicit, Face First, Reality Check, or their self Titled album. Those all are among my favorite all time discs. The compositions are mind blowing. Sadly to me and many other fans, their last 2 CDs (which might be their last ever) were kind of stinkers since they were just improvised in the studio. (Rocket Science and Thick)



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