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    Default Sex offender lives at Halloween house

    Sex offender lives at Halloween house
    Associated Press

    SEYMOUR, Ind. -- Police and child protection advocates say it is a bad idea for a registered sex offender to live where his wife is operating a haunted house that attracts children.

    Ronald P. Cooley, 55, of Bobtown, has served his time in jail, met his probation requirements and continues to register with the state sex offender registry as required by law in connection with his 1995 conviction of child molesting.

    The Coffins haunted house, owned and operated by his wife, Becky Cooley, stresses in its fliers and Web site that parents are not allowed to drop off children and that children are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

    Dennis Carmichael from the Jackson County office of the Indiana Department of Child Services said the Cooleys should rethink their decision to operate the attraction if for no other reason than Ronald Cooley's own protection.
    "Even if he's turned his life around, he's got to be a model citizen and not put himself in the position of being accused of touching someone inappropriately," Carmichael told The (Seymour) Tribune.

    Becky Cooley said her family has never made a secret of her husband's past.
    "All our neighbors know," she said. "It was a terrible thing, but we worked through it as a family."

    But that Ronald Cooley lives there is a cause for concern, the Jackson County sheriff said. Ronald Cooley makes props for the attraction on a county road near Seymour, 60 miles south of Indianapolis.

    "We've checked things out, and it appears he's doing nothing illegal," Jackson County Sheriff Jerry Hounshel said this week. "That doesn't necessarily make it right."

    Hounshel said the situation is a sign that child molesting laws need tightening. He suggested that a change in the law to prohibit registered sex offenders from working or living near businesses that cater to children would make sense.

    Prosecutor Stephen Pierson agreed.
    "It would be better public policy if they (convicted sex offenders) were prohibited or would at least have to notify people that someone at least living at such a property is a registered sex offender," Pierson said.
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    The wife obviously doesn't get it . . . Brains please!

    Highlights from the article:

    "The Coffins" was scheduled to be open through the weekend. More than 800 people have visited the attraction so far this Halloween season.

    Of all the scary things in Ron Cooley's haunted house, you might be surprised to know that nothing has scared people more than Ron Cooley. In 1994, Cooley was convicted of a terrible crime -- sexually molesting a 12-year-old girl. "It's a shameful thing to hurt somebody like I hurt them," Cooley said. "I am a convicted child molestor. I turned myself in, and we felt like that was water under the bridge."

    Did he think it was just gonna go away?

    National Sex Offender Public Registry (database that links individual state sex offender registries across the U.S., providing the names, locations, and pictures of convicted sex offenders. Users can search by specific name in multiple states, by city, or by ZIP code.)
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    Hell, here in Iowa we've got towns that Are banning sex offenders from living in them. Des Moines and Davenport have tightened their laws so tight that the only place for a sex offender to move to is the very outer fringe of the city or to another town that's laws aren't as tight. Now those towns are having to rethink their laws too.

    Currently, in Iowa, a sex offender can't live with in 1,000 feet of a school, church or daycare facility. The above city's expanded that to 2,000 feet of those...PLUS malls, hospitals, parks or anywhere kids are likely to gather.

    The Iowa Civil Liberties Union has already started discrimination lawsuits against both Des Moines and Davenport and are threatening legal action against any other town that enacts the same laws.
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