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    08.20.08 @ 01:53 AM
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    Default Painting a homemade 5150 copy

    Hello All,
    I know this should be in the EVH replica thread, but hardly anyone responds to that, so I thought I'd try a separate post if you don't mind.
    I just bought a book I'm sure you all have seen called How to paint your own 5150, as advertised in Guitar World. It says after the final clear coat application is made to wait about 2 months before attempting to sand and buff, giving the paint ample time to settle.
    I'm a refinisher by trade, and I tell customers to wait about 3 days before they use their newly refinished item again, and have never had any customer issues related to the curing of the finish.
    For those of you who have made your own Van Halen guitars, is 2 months really neccessary? How much time did you give before wet sanding?
    Additionally, the book's author suggested using acrylic spray cans as opposed to a poly urethane or other types of material. As I see it, I don't know if acrylic would let the guitar "breathe" enough. Just wondering what your thoughts about these things were. Thank you.
    Jim Bailes

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    11.17.15 @ 07:56 PM
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    The title of the book is "How to Create a Factory Guitar Finish with just a Couple Spraycans". Yes, you can use polyurethane or whatever type of paint you like if you have access to a spraygun, compressor, etc., but the book only cators to those who use rattlecans (hence the title).

    And yes ... the 2-month waiting period is absolutely necessary when using rattlecans, unless you're going for a "relic" look.

    To see some of the results I've been able to acheive by using rattlecans, check out my EVH Star guitar over in the EVH Replica thread.



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