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    05.17.11 @ 10:41 PM
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    How do you know?

    hey guys well i need some help....i want to play an instrument but i don't know which one....i have tried bass and i really didnt like it and guitar was cool but it really didnt stick to me now i want to play drums and i think i would be good at them cause like im always banging on stuff and thats the one instrument i havent tried and maybe i would be good at it what do you guys think???how do you know if your meant to play drums might be a dumb question but i had to ask thanks again.
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    07.24.15 @ 08:04 AM
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    In my case i always wanted to play guitar man.
    I wanted to play every song that Eddie Van Halen ever wrote note for note.
    Bottom line is that i wasn't really good at it.

    On the other hand i've always air drummed or tapped my fingers on tables, just about everytime i heard music, even though i wanted to be a guitarist like my idol.

    This all began when i started going to Junior High, i went to a music store, and stumbled across Regal tip drumsticks... The Alex Van Halen series.
    Coincidentally that was around the time Eddie unveiled his 5150 amp and Ernie Ball Guitars.

    I was in awe when i saw this gear in front of my eyes man... i had to try his stuff, Well..... i wasn't that good.

    The guy at the shop saw me holding drumsticks in my hand, and asked me if i play drums, i told him i didn't, then he asked me to try out a drumkit nearby.

    Bottom line is i felt a lot more comfortable in doing so.
    And believe it or not i had a beat going on man !

    So to answer your question... just go with what makes you feel most comfortable in playing so.



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