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    03.02.12 @ 08:44 AM
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    While I agree Dave's voice has gained strength is better and stronger, I can't say it is as good as it was in 1984. That said, he definitly can do most of the songs he did with VH. But Dave relied heavily on screams in practically every song. I don't think he can do that as much anymore.He can do screams, but not in every song in a live concert. But I was wondering which songs Dave should not attempt.

    I would definitly say:
    On Fire: unless MA takes the chorus, no way. On the album, Dave screamed that chorus, and there is no way he could maintain it right now.

    You're No Good: Again, his screaming of the chorus places a major strain on an older Dave with an older voice. But MA could could possibly sing the chorus, while Dave takes the verses.

    One thing Dave has going for him is that some of the songs he did with VH involved him talking. Unchained and Jump are examples of that. But some of the old songs might be too much for his voice in concert every night.
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    05.08.08 @ 02:22 PM
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    The funny thing is, I don't recall David ever doing either of the songs you mentioned live. I have no idea what songs he's up to or which ones he should leave alone. One thing I do think, he should leave "Jump" out of the set because it's such a lame song!

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    02.15.19 @ 09:25 PM
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    I would say Hang Em' High, Loss Of Control, and Drop Dead Legs.

    Anyway I think this topic is more suited for songs/albums, i'm moving it there now.
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