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    05.27.18 @ 03:37 AM
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    Default Interesting VH inspiration

    Since nothing is going on except for Eddie being a drunk and Sammy a sellout, I figured to post this.

    I was watching the Cheech and Chong movie "Up in Smoke" last night on Spike and noticed something.

    During the scene where they are showing the different bands playing, one of them has a white guitar with black stripes ala the first Frankie. Might have been a Les Paul but there was no mistaking, it was an EVH ripoff.

    The reason why I thought it was cool is because the band was probably a real band in LA and the movie was filmed in 1978. That was the same year VH1 was released so chances are the guy was following Eddie during their club days.

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    03.28.18 @ 02:38 AM
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    Pretty cool. I haven't noticed that. I better get my hands on that movie..
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