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    Default Daughter charged in Taser torture

    This shit happened in the next town over from Enumclaw, I drive through Black Diamond all the time. Its a small town with a population or maybe 2,000 people, its very quaint and cute, the biggest risk in Black Diamond is getting a speeding ticket for going 37mph in 35 mph zone.

    by Jamie Swift, Journal Reporter
    The King County Journal
    A 300,000-volt jolt of electricity awoke 72-year-old Jean Cyr in the middle of the night. It was the beginning of hours of torture by her daughter, according to court charges. The Black Diamond woman was continually shocked by a powerful Taser stun gun, hog-tied and wrapped in duct tape that covered her eyes, nose and mouth, the court documents state.
    Cyr's daughter, Jaimi Cyr, was charged Wednesday with second-degree attempted murder in the brutal attack, which occurred Friday.
    Police said she bought the Taser on the Internet.
    The 40-year-old woman -- who lives with her mother despite court orders to stay away -- has a history of mental illness and violence against her mother, who is expected to recover from her injuries.
    Black Diamond police have arrested Jaimi Cyr four times since May and as recently as Sept. 6 for assaulting her mother and violating court orders to stay away from her mother, according to charging documents.
    Cmdr. Chris Hurst said police saw this latest attack coming, and tried to stop it. With Jaimi Cyr at the police station last month, Hurst urged King County mental health professionals to interview the woman because she ``will likely kill her mother soon,'' Hurst wrote in court documents.
    ``They told me that Jaimi Cyr was not a threat to anyone, including herself or her mother,'' he wrote.

    ``This woman was tortured almost to death,'' Hurst said in an interview Wednesday. ``This was 100 percent preventable.''
    A spokesman for King County's mental health division, citing privacy laws, said he could not confirm any contact with Cyr.
    Certified mental health professionals can involuntarily commit a mentally ill person for 72 hours if they determine a person presents a threat to his or herself or others.
    Hurst said Jean Cyr remains terrified of her daughter, who is being held in the King County Jail.
    ``The event was very traumatizing for her,'' Hurst said. ``She was convinced she was going to die.''

    According to police, Jaimi wanted to kill Jean to avoid taking her court-ordered medication.
    ``Jaimi said that she was tired of Jean making her take medication and that she did not plan to go back to jail or the hospital anymore,'' according to investigators. With her neck and face completely wrapped in duct tape, Jean Cyr was beaten and thrown about the room by her daughter, who continually said she was going to kill her, according to court documents.
    Jean Cyr was able to use her lip to slightly move the duct tape so she had a small air hole, police said. Otherwise, she would have suffocated.
    As the hours went by, Jaimi Cyr ``seemed to change her mind about killing Jean,'' court documents say.
    The two eventually struck a deal that Jaimi would let Jean go if Jean wouldn't call police. If Jean called police, Jaimi threatened, she would kill herself or Jean, according to court documents.
    Jaimi Cyr left and Jean Cyr cut the duct tape off her face with scissors, then ran to a relative's home and called police.
    Jaimi Cyr was picked up by police as she walked toward Jean's house with the Z Force 300,000-volt Taser in her right pocket. Jaimi told police her mom paid a man to assault her, and make it look as though Jaimi had tried to kill her.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
    And thats about what its worth.

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    I'd say they put her in general population with a lithium salt lick for the rest of her life.
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    Thats just sick!!! This woman should be locked up permanently!!
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    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

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