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    Default Diver Down in Vegas, Cow Bells etc..

    Seen an autographed copy of Diver Down at this place on the Strip
    in Vegas this past weekend, $1500 pricey I thought since it was signed by
    Mikey, The Bros and SAMMY! WTF? Not sure I get that one.
    Also, Sync magazine (I think... the one with 50 cent on the cover)
    lists Dance The Night Away as the best use of cow bell in music.
    And finally I am sure you all heard Howard say this morning Dave's getting
    $4 Million to replace him. Righteous Bucks.


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    Wow that's pricey for Diver Down with Sammy's sig on it.

    Whattabout Dave's scribble?

    Interesting info there Mr. Carmine.

    Very interesting.
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    RIP - Classic Van Halen

    "A lot of people take Van Halen more seriously than we do." The Diamond One



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