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Thread: Planet Us

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Is Planet Us still on? Has anybody heard anything? I'm thinking that if the opportunity to reunite Sammy and VH came up (which I think it has) then the whole thing would be dropped. If it has been then that might be a sign.
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    02.17.17 @ 11:44 AM
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    I think this is the reason you may not be hearing much from Sam about the new CD is that I don't think this CD will ever see a tour. This album was in the works at the time the Sam and Dave tour came together. Sammy had not planned an all out tour this summer though he did start putting some dates together to kill some time while waiting on Journey. But then the focus became the HWCoRR Tour. The Planet Us thing had come together so Sammy now has 3 projects for the summer and fall. New Album, Tour with Roth and Planet Us in the Fall.

    I think the New Album was the first and least desirable (profitable) project of the three. Once the SH/Roth tour came together that almost eliminated any chance of Sammy touring the new album. As much as I enjoy Sammy and the Wabo's we all know not many are going to go see Sammy twice in a year. Though he could hit places Dave and him didn't go he would be limited to mostly smaller markets with little radio and exposure. The nail in the coffin for the new CD was the Planet Us project which seemed to really get Hagar and Anthony excited. They have annouced plans for work on Planet Us after the Sam/Dave tour and Journey tour (see sammy hagar/michael anthony together at The WHO show.) Sammy sure as hell isn't going to tour with the Wabo's and Dave this summer, tour the new album Fall and Winter and then tour next spring/summer with Planet Us. Let's face it there just isn't enough market for Sammy to be on the road in one form or another for a year straight.

    Finally, if Sammy is talking with the Bros then that means the new CD and Planet Us are toast and after BD Bash, which is the last thing on Sammy's published schedule for the year, VH returns to the studio w/ Sam and gets ready for a spring release and summer tour. In other words, the new CD was planned before other things happened and really won't get a supporting tour because of either Plantet Us or VH.

    To answer your question haven't heard anything about Planet Us, kinda make you wonder why?
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    10.22.09 @ 11:47 AM
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    The last I heard (right before the Sam&Dave tour was announced) was that Planet Us were planning on recording this Fall for a Winter/Spring 2003 release and a tour to follow.



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