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    06.16.12 @ 02:16 PM
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    Default what the ??????????

    What started 10 years ago with an experiment on an unwitting Rottweiler named Max has turned into a thriving mail-order business. And on Thursday night Miller's efforts earned him a dubious yet strangely coveted honor: the Ig Nobel Prize for medicine.

    "Considering my parents thought I was an idiot when I was a kid, this is a great honor," he said. "I wish they were alive to see it."

    The Ig Nobels, given at Harvard University by Annals of Improbable Research magazine, celebrate the humorous, creative and odd side of science.

    Miller has sold more than 150,000 of his Neuticles, more than doubling his $500,000 investment. The silicone implants come in different sizes, shapes, weights and degrees of firmness.

    The product's Web site says Neuticles allow a pet "to retain his natural look" and "self esteem."

    Although the Ig Nobels are not exactly prestigious, many recipients are, like Miller, happy to win.

    "Most scientists — no matter what they're doing, good or bad — never get any attention at all," said Marc Abrahams, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research.

    Some, like Benjamin Smith of the University of Adelaide in Australia, who won the biology prize, actually nominated their own work. "I've been a fan of the Ig Nobels for a while," he said.

    Smith's team studied and catalogued different scents emitted by more than 100 species of frogs under stress. Some smelled like cashews, while others smelled like licorice, mint or rotting fish.

    He recalled getting strange looks when he'd show up at zoos asking to smell the frogs. "I've been turned away at the gate," he said.

    This year's other Ig Nobel winners include:

    • PHYSICS: Since 1927, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have been tracking a glob of congealed black tar as it drips through a funnel — at a rate of one drop every nine years.

    • PEACE: Two researchers at Newcastle University in England monitored the brain activity of locusts as they watched clips from the movie "Star Wars."

    • CHEMISTRY: An experiment at the University of Minnesota was designed to prove whether people can swim faster or slower in syrup than in water.

    The Ig Nobel for literature went to the Nigerians who introduced millions of e-mail users to a "cast of rich characters ... each of whom requires just a small amount of expense money so as to obtain access to the great wealth to which they are entitled."

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    10.23.15 @ 03:49 PM
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    Let's hope that our tax dollars are not funding these "experiments".

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveevhsince79
    Let's hope that our tax dollars are not funding these "experiments".
    oh you KNOW they are!!

    The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!

    "If ladies want Valentines Day so bad either make Superbowl Sunday an actual holiday or give guys Steak and Blowjob Day and we'll call it even." T.RYAN, sharing thoughts on valentine's day.

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    “ Originally posted by FORD
    History tells us that oppressive nations build walls to keep people IN, not out.
    (See "Berlin Wall" and "Likud Israel" for examples) ” FORD- when i told him i'd build a wall between the US and Mexico.

    then ill build it from the mexican side. -my reply.

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    "What we are dealing with here, is a complete lack of respect for the law" - Jackie Gleason, Smokey and the Bandit - The site where you are the search engine.

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    Gregg Miller with Buck, a bloodhound, in April, 2001 at home in Buckner, Mo. Miller mortgaged his home and maxed out his credit cards to mass produce his invention, prosthetic testicles for neutered dogs. Miller was honored as part of Harvard's IG Nobel Awards, which is a spoof on the Nobel Prize awards, whcih combine humor with scientific discovery.

    Most Asked Questions About:
    Neutering With NEUTICLES®

    What are Neuticles?
    Patented Neuticles are testicular implants for pets. Neuticles are available for canines, felines, equine, bulls or any pet which is neutered. Neuticles should be implanted when the pet is neutered- but can be implanted years afterwards in most cases.

    Why Neuticles?

    The 200 year-old traditional form of altering used on family pets includes the permanent removal of the pet's testicles. Many caring pet owners hesitate or even to refuse to neuter their pets because of this. Neuticles eliminates 'neuter-hesitant' concerns - as a 'Neuticled' pet looks exactly the same after surgery.

    Why not a Vasectomy?

    This expensive procedure simply sterilizes the pet. The pet still retains all aggressive behavior and characteristics of a non-neutered animal. For this reason- a Vasectomy is rarely performed on pets.

    Have there been any complications?

    Commercial establishment of Neuticles and the implant procedure began in December, 1995. Research and development of Neuticles and the implantation procedure began in March, 1993. To date over 100,000 pets Worldwide have been neutered with Neuticles by over 9,000 veterinarians with no complications when implanted as directed and minimal post operative cautions are employed.

    What post operative care is required?

    The same cautions used when you neuter the traditional way should be employed which includes: keeping the incision area clean and restricted activity for up to 10 days following the procedure.

    Are Neuticles Original?

    CTI Corporation created Neuticles and the testicular implant procedure for animals and enforces all federal trademark and patent rights awarded. CTI has received Worldwide recognition and publicity for providing pet owners an option to the traditional form of neutering their beloved pet.

    Do Neuticles come in different models?

    Neuticles are available in 2 models: NeuticleOriginals (rigid firmness) and NeuticleNatural (natural firmness). Each are crafted from FDA medically-approved (for human use) materials- replicating the animals testicle in size, shape, weight and feel.

    Do Neuticles come in sizes?

    Neuticles are now available for any-sized canine, feline, equine, bull or any neutered pet. Refer to sizing chart for additional information and 3D sizing chart. Custom sizing is available.

    What's the difference between NeuticlesOriginal and NeuticlesNatural ?

    NeuticleOriginals are crafted from polyprophylene homopolymere- an FDA medically approved material which is non-porus and rigid in firmness. NeuticleNaturals are solid silicone which replicates the testicle in actual firmness.

    Can Neuticles leak and harm my pet?

    Absolutely not. Neuticles are crafted from FDA medically-approved solid silicone. Unlike the 'gel' silicone from decades past- this space age material is 30% softer than the pets natural testicle prior to implantation. Firm yet soft and natural when implanted- 100% safe and is backed by a $2 million per occurrance product liability guarantee.

    When are Neuticles implanted?

    The patented two to three minute procedure is normally performed when the pet is neutered. It is suggested that the pet be neutered at 8 months of age or older to assure full growth and correct sizing. Pets have also been restored with Neuticles up to five years after being altered with complete success.

    Have there been rejections or complications?

    Since 1995 over 100,000 pets Worldwide have been 'Neuticled' with not a single reported rejection or serious complication when implanted as directed and minimal post operative care is employed. Neuticles are unconditionally warranted to provide pets a perfectly safe alternative to the traditional form of neutering and is backed by $2 million per occurance product liability protection.

    How do Neuticles control pet over-population?

    Over 100,000 pet owners have neutered with Neuticles. Most agree they simply would have not have neutered their pet otherwise. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) remarked "Who can argue with a perfectly safe procedure which controls pet overpopulation?" (Animal Watch-Spring 97)

    Will my pet retain those 'nasty' male habits?

    About 30 days after neutering the testostrone in the pets system is gone. The pet normally becomes calmer. less aggressive quits 'roaming', 'marking territory' and etc.

    Can my pet outgrow Neuticles?

    It is recommended that you neuter with Neuticles at eight months or older. Although the pet will 'fill-out' in weight after eight months of age, the testicles and all other body organs are fully developed.

    Are Neuticles Expensive?

    Every possible effort has been made to make Neuticles an affordable option to any pet owner when neutering. NeuticleOriginals are $60 to $67 per pair and NeuticleNaturals are $129/pr and up. The price does not include implantation fee by the veterinaian which can vary depending on your geographic region.

    What if my veterinarian isn't familiar with Neuticles?

    Tell your veterinarian that you want to neuter with Neuticles. If your veterinarian isn't familiar with the procedure, we will be happy to or mail comprehensive information or call with details. If you do not have a veterinarian, we will be happy to provide a participating clinic or hospital right in your own neighborhood.

    Is there a veterinary clinic or hospital in
    my area that has performed the procedure?

    Neuticles maintains a database of over 9000 clinics Worldwide which have performed the simple procedure. Chances are we have a clinic or hospital right in your neighborhood!

    Can I order- or should the veterinarian order?

    While the veterinarian normally places the order, it is possible for the pet owner to order and simply provide them to the clinic or hospital prior to surgery. We simply require the pets breed, age and weight to determine the pets correct size prior to ordering.

    Is there a national toll-free helpline?

    For questions, comments or to place an order (anywhere in the U.S. or Canada) call toll-free 1-888-638-8425 or international customers dial 1-816-350-7298 or e-mail for immediate, personalized service.
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.” -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    Ok, I can see a dog being a little, just a little depressed after his balls are gone. But what in daaaa fuck does it matter how firm the fake-balls are? Is that the owners call????
    Just go for it!



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