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    10.09.12 @ 02:50 PM
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    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it. Anyway, since we seem to be getting close to new rumour dates - I'm curious about timeframes.

    Radio - How far in advance do programmers usually hear about a new release so they can receive/order a copy and add it to rotation.

    Videos/MTV - Same question for a video. Georgie?

    Record Stores - A new VH album will probably ship at least a million for release date, no? How far in advance do stores make their orders?

    Publicity - How long does it take to set up press conferences, TV appearances, advertising campaigns etc before they happen?

    Once any of the above starts happening, surely there will be a flood of to speak

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    Little Dreamer
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    The time frame for these things (collectively) is 8-14 weeks -- at a minimum. Usually, this is 3 months.

    The bottom line: NO VH 'til at least March/April.

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    01.23.19 @ 03:37 PM
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    Well this case maybe handled differently than other releases since they want to surprise everyone. I think this is the case in this situation.

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    01.23.19 @ 02:52 PM
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    Well as far as setting up a press conference goes, one can be set up within a couple of hours. ( I'm sure the Mosters of Rock press conference took longer to set up with all the logistics that neede to be taken care of).
    I don't think that they are going to do a press conference if what MJ said is indeed true. Instead we will get some sort of appearance on some show, like Stern, AMA's, or even New Years Eve with Dick Clark.
    Who the hell really knows for sure?
    Radio stations sometimes do get surprised with a new tune to play that gets Fed-Exed to them with special instructions from the record co.
    We are getting eager for whats soon to come and our patience will once again be tested and emotions will once again run wild here at links.

    Do you smell what Eddymon is cookin'

    Aruba here I come 11/19/00

    Well let me roll up to the sidewalk and take a look here,,,,,, woooooaaaa!!!! she's beautiful.



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