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    05.23.09 @ 05:05 AM
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    Backstage Interviews

    From Blabermouth,

    JIMMY PAGE, EDDIE VAN HALEN Original Interview Tapes To Be Auctioned - Sep. 30, 2005

    Backstage Auctions is proud to present for the very first time a collection of unique and one of a kind rock collectibles in "The Spotlight Auction", set to start October 16. The auction features a group of renowned music industry professionals who have spent their career behind the scenes. One of these professionals is Steven Rosen, a music journalist with a career spanning over twenty-five years.

    Steven Rosen, whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, US, Playboy, Creem and a myriad of others, has opened his private library and selected over 160 cassette tapes containing interviews with some of the most notable classic rock musicians and performers.

    "The interview tapes being offered in 'The Spotlight Auction' are the actual unscripted and spontaneous conversations with some of rock's greatest icons. It is not every day that a fan or collector can own a recorded interview with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons, Todd Rundgren, Eddie Van Halen or Paul Rodgers, just to name a few," explains Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool.

    Rosen has amassed not only a journalistic library but truly a collection that has historically documented the unscripted thoughts of some of rock's greatest legends. "For a long time I protected this collection, isolating these rare moments I shared with these denizens of rock's dark and delightful menagerie. But now I am ready to share my archives with collectors who will preserve the historical value of these tapes," explains Rosen.

    The auction, also featuring the collections of music industry photographers James Fortune and Billy Tompkins, and lighting and stage designer Bill McManus, will be held online at The auction will start on October 16 and will run for one week.

    Backstage Auctions is a leading online auction company specializing in classic rock memorabilia direct from the private collections of music industry professionals. Founded on the principles of combining their clientís career achievements and popularity with the demand and interest of collectors and fans who desire truly authentic and unique collectibles, Backstage Auctions is the place where rock legends live on.


    Anyone gets ahold of these interviews, be sure and let all of us know. Can't even begin to imagine what is on these tapes.

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    05.28.17 @ 09:54 AM
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    I actually wrote to this guy in the late 80's. He was writing a book called "The Life And Times Of Edward Van Halen". I asked him how the book was coming along, he said he was working on it. He sent like a little postcard to me. Also, he had really strange handwriting. I wish I still had the card.



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