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    09.25.13 @ 12:04 AM
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    On the drive to work this morning, I heard this on the radio:

    "Get ready for the concert you've been waiting for" the background is VH's "Feels so Good" heart is pounding, I find myself swerving the car and screaming "WHAT THE HELL??!!!!" I swear in those five seconds, I'm having a heart attack (By the way, I'm in Phoenix)

    The announcer comes back on and talks about the CaveCreek Music Festival with Sammy Hagar, this point, I can't remember who else.

    They then played a few lines from original Sammy songs (I Can't Drive 55 and Three Lock Box), but HOW DARE THEY TEASE ME WITH A VH SONG!!!

    Had to share this hell-of-a-wake-up call with you all.

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    AZ Halen
    I heard it this morning on my way to work also...damn near filled my pants!! Some day it will happen.......I hope!

    Why behave in public if you're living on a playground? Fools...

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