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    12.22.07 @ 09:11 AM
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    Cracked my guitar ! Need a fix !!

    Cracked the body of one of my guitars where the neck bolts on.Is there any way to repair this ? Or am I screwed? I hate to screw up the finnish but I think the crack on the back will spread.any help would be great.

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    11.17.15 @ 07:56 PM
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    Depends on the amount of damage and where it is.
    A pic would have been nice, but ...

    All cosmetics aside, what I would do is remove the neckplate and drill two additional holes (positioning the holes would depend on where the damage is). Then countersink the two screws directly through the wood and into the neck, then reinstall the neckplate and tighten the other four screws.

    This will do nothing for you cosmetically, but the new screws will be covered by the neckplate and won't be visable, and more importantly, you won't have to worry about your neck "shifting".

    Just my .02
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