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Thread: Art's right

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    04.16.07 @ 08:09 AM
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    Art's right

    You know what, I don't care about free posts. I don't care about posting at all. I signed up because I love VH. I'm sorry a thread was already started. I thought my thread kinda veered away from the rumor and gave an opinion. There is such a minimal amount of stuff to talk about here that I thought I would post. It got shut down. So not only is VH almost non-existant, but talking about it is frowned upon, no matter how small the detail. This is just dumb. I usually agree with Brett, even though I don't post everyday, but I think Art is right. Who fuckin' cares that another thread was started on the same subject. This place IS too uptight, so I won't post anymore, because I don't want to upset Sir Tightass. Have a nice day and kiss my ass.
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    05.22.18 @ 09:59 AM
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    Fuck dude, enough. What the hell is wrong with people today. God damn it's Friday, mellow the fuck out.

    We care. We don't need 50 threads on the same subject. You can use the one that's already there. Why the fucking arguing over it?

    Remove the stick from your ass. Fucking attention whores. Unreal. I don't get some of you. Get back on the meds or something. Or have a fucking drink.
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