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    Default 5150 bedroom levels

    Ok, it's been done to death I know, but I finally found a way to get a 120 watt amp to sound great at t.v. volumes. First, thanks to Scott over at A & Z Guitar repair. He sold me a block letter 5150 about a month ago for a really great price. It needs a bit of work, but Scott's deal was more than fair. A great guy to deal with. I still haven't changed the tubes Scott!

    Anyway, here's my setup: Guitar>Mxr phase 90>5150 high gain input>out to a Weber Mass 100>line out to an old Marshall 5010 30 watt solid state amp
    1 x 12--there is also a pod xt in the loop of the 5150 used for effects only, mostly eq, some reverb, occasional delay and or chorus, and that's it.

    5150 settings: Pre rhythm - 7-9 crunch button in always
    Pre lead - 6
    Low - 7
    Mid - 7
    High - 9
    Post rhythm - 6
    Post lead - 6
    Resonance - 6
    Presence - 9

    The line out on the Mass works great. The unit does not heat up at all, even when I've had the posts cranked. 6 seems to be the sweet spot on this amp. I get a pretty killer sound at very low volumes. The master volume on the Marshall, which is essentially my poweramp now, is set at 1. It took a lot of tweaking of knobs -5150 knobs, pod knobs, Marshall knobs, plus the tone stack on the Mass-but I've finally got it sounding real toasty. I know some of you here aren't too crazy about the 5150, but I can't get over this amp. It is not muddy sounding or fizzy sounding or thin sounding like I've been reading at various sites. The amp doesn't even hiss all that much, at least not at these volumes. I can get a real convincing Eruption, the swishing from Atomic Punk, a crunchy Panama. I'm really loving this amp. My setup sounds kind of crazy, but it really works. I won't be modding this amp, I really don't see the need to. Love the mids on the 5150! After playing with amp modellers for a while, I really understand now why so many of you love tubes. There's no comparison. This is my first tube amp by the way.

    Oh yeah, I did try the 5150 into my 4 x 12 with the post on 6 and all I can say is Holy F&%$! I won't be doing that again at home. Let me know what you think about this mess I've put together. If you're looking for clips, well I don't have a mic or any recording capabilities, so I can't post any, sorry.

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    I messed around with amp modelers for about two years before I got my first tube amp. I haven't looked back ever since. I started with a 5150 combo, sold that for a valvestate Marshall, and then I got a 5150 II which is just a great amp head. I'm not crazy about the no reverb thing, but I fixed that with the Digitech "Digiverb" pedal.

    I get a good sound out of my 5150 at all levels, but I had to buy an eq to do so. Grabbed a Kerry King MXR Eq, and that really helped shape my sound and tone. Glad to hear you've had some success as well. I don't believe in the notion that you only get a great sound when you crank the 5150. That's not really true, atleast for me it isn't.
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