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    Default Splawn modded JCM 800

    Hello all, haven't posted here in a while, guess I haven't had much to say but always checking in. Anyways, there is a guy about an hour away from me selling a Splawn modded 50 watt JCM 800 head with the matching 800 cabinet for $1250. Says it is in excellent cond. Tubes are KT88's and has, I guess a footswitch for clean, lead, and solo boost. Anyone know much about these mods? I read up on it at thier there website. What do you think of the price and are there any questions I should ask this guy before I consider it?

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    $1250 for the head and cab is a very good price if it's actually in excellent condition. Considering a new JCM, without the mod, will run you $2K plus another $800 for the 1960AV or $1100 for the 1960AX. That mod itself is another $500 plus S&H. If you go from scratch you're talking $3-4K easy.

    I've never heard of anyone saying they regret getting a Splawn Amp. The two I've actually listened to sound rediculous. They clean up beautifully when you roll back the volume, there's bottom end that won't quit, and a ton of added gain.
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