Chilli end for sodomy in Pak!

Asian News International
Lahore, September 5, 2005

Three men in Pakistan had to face a chilli(ng) punishment when a local jirga decided to stuff their backs with red chilli powder, after they were found guilty of sodomising a 14-year-old boy.

The incident took place on Friday in Abdul Hakim village, around 60 km from Multan.

Quoting village sources, the Daily Times reported that the three men - Punnu, Kala and Rashid alias Kalia - sexually assaulted the boy Muhammad Yasin in a village hotel on Thursday, and when the boy resisted, they forced powdered red-chillies into his anus.

After the victim raised an alarm, the people of the area reached the scene and overpowered the men. The next day they were brought before the jirga, which found them guilty and ordered the 'chilli punishment'.

Later, their faces were blackened, and they were paraded through the village on a donkey.

A local police officer was saying: "We visited the village to take action according to the law. But, the people of the area refused to lodge a complaint, and said they had resolved the dispute on their own."