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    05.04.08 @ 04:05 PM
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    Default With Deepest Regrets...The Dry Kill Logic Thread

    Anybody else think that this group is unreal! I saw them on the second stage at Gigantour last month and they completely blew me away. Only group at the show I thought out-did them was Megadeth. Anyway, I just picked up their first album, "The Dead and Dreaming," and its incredible. It is outrageously heavy, and I really enjoy how the singer moves back and forth from the "death metal" growling/screaming, and then to normal singing. Buckles, With Deepest Regrets, and Perfect Enemy are definitely the best tunes on the album IMO. Ridiculously heavy with some cool soloing. Looking forward to seeing them again on tour this fall!
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    I host a 2 and a half hour metal show on the radio station I work for. I played these guys a couple of years ago. They were named something else when I first played them before they were Dry Kill Logic. I went to see Anthrax a few years ago and they were going to be one of the opening acts, but didn't show up for the show. I saw Hed p.e. awhile ago and they were going to be in town with them but didn't make it. So I played their music on my show and went to two concert that they were going to be at but didn't make it. So yes I do like them, but would love to see them live,



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