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    10.02.05 @ 10:36 PM
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    Default Bam! Synopsis of new VH book w/EVH tribute at:

    Just go to:

    Damn, word of this thing is rapidly spreading and I'm scared shitless now!!! haha...In fact, I didn't expect this to be up for days, maybe weeks. Suddenly, my phone starts ringing here at work and my friend is on the other line ordering me to go to bbmouth immediately. When I did and saw what it was, well, I almost fell off my freakin' chair!

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    Dude, I'm going to close this up. I know you're super geeked about this, as are a lot of VH fans, but it's probably best to keep all news and updates in the one thread.

    Oh, and save me a copy!



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