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Thread: No Dave, GOOD!

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    Little Dreamer
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    05.27.05 @ 08:34 PM
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    I just saw the vh-1 special.
    And i gotta say, first of all i actually prefer the dave-era to the sammy era in terms of balls out rock.
    BUT Here's the burning question i have for all of the 'Dave or the grave' people here.
    What the HEll do you see in the guy today?
    I agree the records in the PAST were totally kick ass dynasty building records.
    But that was a LONG time ago.
    Listen to Me wise magic, and CGTSNM. Are those kick ass tunes? sorry, NO. Eddie at the time thought they were good enough to release on best of. Honestly i dont think those two songs are that good. I think CGTSNM is arguably better, but we're not talking classic VH there, are we??
    The songs that Dave did with the band in 2000 weren't up to par in eddie's eyes, so maybe they were worse than the two best of tracks

    Contrast those two songs with Human's Being.
    In my opinion, Human's Being ROCKS.
    If only sammy and eddie could have been pissed off with each other MORE during those 11 years!
    Thats the last sammy tune, and it was GREAT i think. Proving that Sammy had the chops albeit 5 years ago to do kick ass rock.

    I think that the die-hard Dave fans are living in the past and need to see the present.

    One phrase that Ed said in the special that i remember was, talking about Roth in 1996: "That's not GROWTH!"

    Face it, Ed wants to show the world he can still kick ass. We all want him to show the world that dont we? Dave would make the band look like a PARODY of itself.
    Sorry its the truth. There's dave up there thinking its still 1984. Come on....

    If theres one thing Ed wants, its to be taken seriously as a great musician. He deserves that.
    All of those polls showing VH not ranked highly among historic rock acts is possibly because of their lack of 'serious' music.
    Zeppelin made some serious music and still kicked ass. It can be done.
    You think Dave is going to go down that 'serious' road with Ed? Doubt it.

    Think of things from Ed's perspective. That might make some of this shit make more sense.

    Dave would just be an embarassment.
    It's not 1984 or 1981 anymore guys. Face it.

    I know i'll get ripped by Dave fans, but remember Ed's probably thinking these thoughts.

    I LOVE Roth-era VH. But i also realize it was 20 fucking years ago! The man is a sad parody of himself.

    At least sammy is making NEW music, mediocre music, but new. Why wont dave put out a new song or two.

    Its probably going to be sammy not Dave who comes back.

    Dave fans should open their ears up and enjoy whatever genius Ed comes up with.

    Let the argument begin!

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    01.04.12 @ 09:59 PM
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    Please Check Out My Tunes, Folks:
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    08.10.15 @ 11:03 AM
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    Roth would be fine in the band.

    Sammy is no prize either.

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    Hot For Teacher
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Nice Post.

    You have hit upon something important, Ed and
    Sammy created their best song when Ed and Sammy were pissed off with each other.
    Yet post after post here is about ooh I wish
    Sammy and Eddie were bestest buddies again, etc etc.

    Some people just dont get it.

    What is there to see in Roth now ??
    His unashamed free spirited personality
    (which totally pisses Ed off) is still
    alive to this day. One of *THE* most
    important ingredients of the original

    Ed and Dave are a volatile mix.
    This reflects in the music.

    Closest Sammy ever came was when his
    time was over and he hated the brothers..

    Hmmmmm... I think there is something in that
    for all of us.

    Bring on the Happy Sammy/Ed reunion. I have
    worn out my copy of "Dreams"...

    BTW Sammy is not back in the band. Dave fans,
    start to worry if Dave starts Jamming with Mike.
    Then you will know its game over as far as a
    Van Halen reunion is concerned.

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    03.22.18 @ 02:59 PM
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    I would rather see Sammy back in VH than Dave, but I would be happy with either singer. This is an Opinions topic, so I will move it there.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

    I can't stand rap....people who can't sing do can sing rebellion as well as talk it....Hitler would have been in a rap band...

    -- John Entwistle

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