I have owned the BOV1 (prolly Best of Volume ONLY) DVD for about 2 years, but watched it UNINTERRUPTED for the first time I believe the other day. Anyway, I am a fan of all versions of the band, (well, especially the 1st 2 versions). At any rate, maybe this SPECIFIC thought has been brought up before, maybe not. But if Ray Danniels wanted some fuel for his fire, and he wanted to show his motives in any compillation, the segue from the Dave cuts to the Sammy cuts is totally obvious. I mean c'mon, how does Sammy stand a chance with the Dave set ending with "Hot for Teacher" and here comes Sam with "How do I know when it's Love"? Radio wouldn't even do that in most circumstances, without at least a commercial break, or a long winded DJ promo of some sort. WB or whoever was handling this project (Ray?) could have at least snuck in 5150 or BOBW from LWAN.......beings they made us wait TEN YEARS for it anyway!
Now, if they DO decide to do a 2nd video compillation, there is a buttload of Dave out there as ya'll know, and hopefully we don't need to wait for a "Best of Both Worlds Volume Twelve with Bonus DVD" to get em!!!!