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    05.16.18 @ 04:37 PM
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    Default Full Moon Fair Warning , Los Angeles 6/21/81

    Does anyone have good copy of Full Moon Fair Warning from Los Angeles 6/21/81. My copy has a bunch of errors. Give me your email addy and I`ll send you my trade list.


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    I dont have it, but i do have the June 19 1981 show, which is, in my mind, the best Fair Warning show out there. If youre interested in that, i can email it to ya, PM me if ya are
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    Quote Originally Posted by vhrocks2005
    I dont have it, but i do have the June 19 1981 show, which is, in my mind, the best Fair Warning show out there. If youre interested in that, i can email it to ya, PM me if ya are
    I'm the taper of the 6/21/81 show and I agree the 6/19 show is a tiny bit better sounding (I was never a great taper and gave it up around '83 - The US Festival was the last show I half-heartedly taped). However I think the 6/21 show is a much better performance and of all the Van Halen shows I've ever seen dating back to '77, this one was probably the best VH show I ever saw.

    Since we're on the subject of this show, a little history of how I recorded it and how it got around.

    Back in early '81, I started going to the LA area record swap meets and especially the swap meet at the old Reseda Country Club. I discovered bootlegs in a big, big way and got in contact with several tapers who did LA area shows who basically offered to do trades for shows that weren't being commonly circulated at the time. I also wanted to record shows for my own listening as a lot of bands I was into around this time weren't being bootlegged (to my knowledge at the time) much if at all.

    So I bought an AIWA stereo walkman type cassette recorder that had a pair of L/R mics like looked kinda like little grey sugar cubes, would tape the mics to my shoulders under a loose fitting shirt with a tiny notch cut out on each shoulder for the mics to peak out through and kept the recorder on my belt and I'd tape shows. Like I said above, I was never really good at it and it bugged me that even this somewhat unobtrusive setup was keeping me from enjoying shows.

    So I caught the 6/20 show the night before and chickened out about bringing my recorder into the Forum but I also had tickets for the next night (6/21) so Ifigured I'd just wait for my 2nd show. The 21st tickets were far better located in the 4th row center floor that I scored the day tickets went on sale (the day Reagan got shot, btw) when they added the show for the 21st right as I was buying mediocre tickets for the 20th.

    Anyway, my friend and I almost didn't make the 21st show when his pickup died about a mile from the Forum right after we got off the 405 freeway. He screwed around with the engine and got it back up n' running and we made the show right after the opening band finished their set. I didn't have much of a problem recording the show although *everyone* stood on the fuckin' arms (NOOOooOOOOo, not the seats, the ARMS!) of the folding chairs the entire show so it was a bit dicey keeping balance the entire concert. The only problem was flipping the tape before "Everybody Wants Some" which I almost forgot to do as I was so into the show and of course resulted in a break in the song.

    So I did some trades early on off my cassette and the show kind of spread around the community and wound up being traded as a crummy 10th or more gen copy among traders by the early 90's. Around 1996 or '97, I ran into one of the guys I originally did a trade of this show with and he was now a semi-pro bootlegger. One of the first things he mentioned was that he was going to do a "silver" (meaning a professionally pressed cd) of the recording I gave him years back but he wanted to cram the show onto one cd which made me cringe.

    Once I got a copy and realized that a lot of people really dug this show, I dug up the original cassette, made a direct to cd-r copy using a cassette deck straight into a Macintosh with SoundEdit, added a few choice tracks from two other '81 shows and the audio from the best sources of the 3 '81 live promo videos to round out the set. I then burned a shitload of copies and gave them out to members of the VHML around 1998.

    Since then, I've seen it copied and repackaged in a dozen or more different configurations which quite honestly, doesn't bother me a bit.

    To the guy seeking a copy of the unedited FMFW cd set, email me privately and I'll hook you up.


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    I don't have that June show either, can I get a copy too? would that be ok?



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