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    05.08.18 @ 01:14 PM
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    Default Hound Dog Theory

    Okay, this might be taking things to the extreme, but I have this damn beagle that comes and wakes me up at all hours of the night/morning, and sometimes at very inopportune times. Anyway, she does this upper body shaking thing that all dogs do, when she's just getting up, or when she's wet. Her ears are so big that they make this popping noise when she shakes, "pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop", you get the idea and it's very rapid and loud. The other morning she did this and I started thinking about the song "Hound Dog" by Elvis, and the drum part right after he says, "You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine........." That drum part is very similar to the sound my dogs ears make when she shakes, and I got to wondering if that's where they got the idea for that. So that's my theory. The drum section in "Hound Dog" was inspired by a hound dogs flapping ears. Maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep.
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    03.03.18 @ 06:52 PM
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    Have you been hittin the grains again Viking???


    My sister used to have a beagle and it did the same thing with the same sound. Must be a dog thing, eh?? But beagles are so cute!!!!!!

    I think Elvis was on to something..........................
    RIP - Classic Van Halen

    "A lot of people take Van Halen more seriously than we do." The Diamond One



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