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Thread: On Fire

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    04.02.15 @ 08:23 AM
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    Default On Fire

    Was listening to "Space Station No. 5" by Montrose just a little bit ago, and realized something.

    That song sounds so similar to "On Fire," it can't be a coincidence.

    I know that VH covered "Make it Last" by Montrose in some of their early gigs, so it's pretty obvious that there was some influence there. It's pretty cool to actually hear that influence blatantly played out in the music.
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    I noticed that too. Space Station is one of my many fav Montrose songs, and i noticed it just a few weeks ago, lol. It is preety cool. I have a Van Hagar live version of Make It Last as well as a Club era version. Both sound really good. Yea the Montrose influence is definitely in On Fire
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