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    Default Forbest most powerfull women in the world...

    1 Rice, Condoleezza U.S. Secretary of state - No qualms, Bush's right hand woman, good choice
    2 Wu Yi China Vice Premier, minister of health - Health director of the largest population in the world, yeah I think that's important.
    3 Tymoshenko, Yulia Ukraine Prime minister - Who?
    4 Arroyo, Gloria Philippines President - Maybe but not this high.
    5 Whitman, Margaret U.S. Chief executive, eBay - What? Give me a break
    6 Mulcahy, Anne U.S. Chief executive officer, Xerox - see # 5
    7 Krawcheck, Sallie U.S. Chief financial officer, Citigroup - Pretty powerful job for this banking heavyweight, but not sure it would should be this high
    8 Barnes, Brenda U.S. Chief executive officer, Sara Lee - Excuse me? I don't believe the head of a maker of blueberry muffins and poundcake man or woman belongs on this list.
    9 Winfrey, Oprah U.S. Chairman, Harpo - Do I need to give you an Oprah rant, she hold zero world power
    10 Gates, Melinda U.S. Co-founder, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Nice to marry into money, see Ivana trump
    11 Lauvergeon, Anne France Chairman, The Areva Group - Anyone from France does not belong
    12 Gerberding, Julie U.S. Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - See # 2
    13 Russo, Patricia U.S. Chief executive, Lucent Technologies - Until they get their stock price up to respectable leves, not here baby
    14 Xie Qihua China Chairman, president, Shanghai Baosteel - Maybe, since the Chinesse will own everything someday.
    15 Suu Kyi, Aung San Myanmar Nobel Peace Laureate - Who?
    16 Cruz, Zoe U.S. Acting president, Morgan Stanley - Acting president? No different than an interim head coach of an NFL team, gone.
    17 Dunn, Patricia U.S. Nonexecutive chairman, Hewlett-Packard; Global chief executive, Barclays Global Investors - Non executive of anything holds no world power
    18 Scardino, Marjorie England Chief executive, Pearson - Who?
    19 Cohen, Abby Joseph U.S. Chief U.S. portfolio strategist, Goldman Sachs Group - Not this high.
    20 Livermore, Ann U.S. Executive vice president, technology solutions group, Hewlett-Packard - forget it
    21 McAleese, Mary Ireland President - President of Ireland, yeah sure.
    22 Catz, Safra U.S. President, Oracle - Don't think so
    23 Ginsburg, Ruth Bader U.S. U.S. Supreme Court Justice - Won't argue
    24 Clark, Helen New Zealand Prime Minister - See #21
    25 Kumaratunga, Chandrika Sri Lanka President - See #24
    26 Clinton, Hillary Rodham U.S. U.S. Senator - Though not a fan, she deserves to be in the top ten at least.
    27 Sammons, Mary U.S. Chief executive, president, Rite Aid - Rite Aid, hah
    28 Nooyi, Indra U.S. President and chief financial officer, PepsiCo - Don't like Pepsi
    29 Zia, Khaleda Bangladesh Prime minister - See # 25
    30 Ho Ching Singapore Chief Executive, Temasek - Don't know
    31 Halonen, Tarja Finland President 3 - Finland?
    2 Cico, Carla Brazil Chief executive, Brasil Telecom - I rather watch telemundo
    33 Sweeney, Anne U.S. Co-chair, Disney Media Networks; President, Disney-ABC Television Group - Co chair, isn't that the same as Assistant Linebackers coach?
    34 Magner, Marjorie U.S. Chairman and chief executive, global consumer group, Citigroup - Won't argue
    35 Jung, Andrea U.S. Chairman and chief executive, Avon - Avon Calling?
    36 O'Connor, Sandra Day U.S. Supreme Court Justice - See ya Sandra, hello John Roberts
    37 Johnson, Abigail U.S. President, Fidelity Management & Research - Fine with me
    38 Moore, Ann U.S. Chairman and chief executive, Time Inc. - It's a magazine, come on
    39 Bettencourt, Liliane France Majority owner, L'Oréal - France again..
    40 Rowling, Joanne England Author - You have to be kidding me, what world power does she hold? Will she wave her magic wand?
    41 Marshall, Ruth Ann U.S. President, Americas region, MasterCard - Get my rates down!
    42 Feinstein, Dianne U.S. U.S. Senator 4 - Liberal blowhard
    3 Poon, Christine U.S. Vice chairman, Johnson & Johnson - Nice gig
    44 Kroes, Neelie Netherlands European competition commissioner - I have no clue what this is.
    45 McKinstry, Nancy U.S. Chief executive officer, Wolters Kluwer - Nor this
    46 Bush, Laura U.S. First lady - I have to say that any first lady Democratic or Republican hold a great world power and should always be in the top ten.
    47 Couric, Katie U.S. Co-anchor, NBC's Today Show, contributing anchor, Dateline NBC - Ok what world power does she hold, don't think the Today show is broadcast in Thailand
    48 Vike-Freiberga, Vaira Latvia President - Latvia, right..
    49 McGrath, Judy U.S. Chief executive, MTV Networks - Going to start playing Videos again Judy?
    50 Pascal, Amy U.S. Chairman, Motion Picture Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment; vice chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainm - Won't argue, nice gig

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    Quote Originally Posted by 515051505150
    9 Winfrey, Oprah U.S. Chairman, Harpo - Do I need to give you an Oprah rant, she hold zero world power
    You're dead wrong there, bro...

    Oprah is the only reason Dr. Phil is a celebrity...ANY author who is in Oprah's Book Club is GUARANTEED a best-seller. American women consistently call her the most trusted woman in America...Oprah's Angel Network raises MILLIONS from her audience in charity...ANY product she endorses turns to gold...

    If Oprah went on tv tomorrow and gave her audience some sort of boycott marching orders, the targeted product would feel the damage immediately...

    If anything, number nine on the list is too low...
    Can't stop...addicted to the shindig...

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    02.16.06 @ 04:33 AM
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    The list was most powerful women in the world, Oprah does not exert world influence no matter how much money she gives away to charity or who she makes a star, ie Dr. Phil. Is that not eveidence enough when the Paris watchstore turned her away after hours, they couldn't have gave a damm who she is. Just becuase you raise millions and zillions of dollars to help world causes does not mean your going to cure cancer any faster or end starvation in Africa. Inflence in the world scene, she holds none. For example, until she starts helping to fight the world wide war on terror with that so called influence call me back.

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    Maybe we can get Oprah to re-group ALL the boys for a world tour?
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.” -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    ...and why is Wonder Woman not on that list?

    From 3-13 to 10-6 and NFC South Champs.....go Saints!

    My Hurricane Katrina pics

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    Forbes put Van Halen at #61 in the overall power list. Higher than I thought.



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