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    10.17.09 @ 10:00 PM
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    Since Dave is doing well with his solo VH thing, and Sam might end up back in VH, Would a combined tour be possible? Like, for example Dave opens the show with classic VH, with his hungry young band backing him up. Then VH hits the stage with Sammy for round 2. That way, Ed is happy, Dave is still involved, and we all get to hear VH, in chronological order. I know it sounds far fetched, but if Dave were in VH, would they even survive the tour together?

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    09.30.06 @ 05:31 AM
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    That would be a good idea if the public were clamoring for VanHagar, but the general public would find that to be extremely anticlimactic. Dave has his principals, whether you believe it or not. The whole VH on pay per view for millions got shot down if we're to believe what's been said because Dave doesn't want Sam involved. They were able to do a solo tour together, but Dave wouldn't agree to this. Ever wonder why Sam's acting so bitter in interviews? Read between the lines, it's going down and he ain't in the sandbox. The big payoff in the sky just went bye bye for Sam.

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    02.13.15 @ 08:56 AM
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    How do you figure that Dave is doing well with his solo VH thing? It's reached its peak, with the Sammy co-headline tour, and will never get even close to those attendance figures again. It's just going to get lower and lower each time, as anything would that never changes.

    As Dave gets further and further from the VH flame, he'll suffer if he doesn't get off the track he's on. Hell, in his first show after the Sam/Dave tour he played to a few hundred people, and his second was cancelled (though I don't think we've gotten an explanation for that yet).

    Dave would never tour with VH unless he was in VH, nor should he. That would be lame. And the immediate question would be, if Ed and Dave can go on tour together, be financially in each others pockets because of it, be in the same building together every night, why the fuck can't they get onstage together?

    Never happen!!!

    Good topic for the Opinions forum, sending it over there now. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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