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    Atomic Punk
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    Van Halen II/OU812
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    Good Enough/Little Guitars
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    03.30.18 @ 08:03 AM
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    Default Plug My Trade Site

    OK, as you know i do trading (i posted some stuff in the bootleg corner) Heres a link to my site:

    I think its pretty cool. Only took me an hour ta make!
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    Good Enough
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    where Conan O'Brien is no longer president, a.k.a. Finland
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    All of them.
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    As Is.
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    03.28.18 @ 02:38 AM
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    One minor detail that I'd like to point out to you: "email the webamster".

    One major detail that I'd like to point out to you: NEVER TRADE MP3 BOOTLEGS! You're just polluting the VH bootleg community..

    I don't mean to be rude or spoil your fun, but MP3 bootlegs are crap. They're okay for personal use but never to trade.. If you're serious about trading VH bootlegs then go to
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