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    12.13.17 @ 04:02 PM
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    Default Mean Street guitars?

    Anybody bought an Unchained model from the Mean Street Guitars shop? I want to get it painted a custom way and I have some specs for it. I was looking into getting one as my next guitar but I can't decide if I'd rather get one of those customized or get an Ernie Ball Music Man from this one guy. I really want one that Unchained model but if they suck then no go.
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    07.12.08 @ 04:41 PM
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    If you have the money for a music yo kramer, get one of those.

    I hate the feel of my unchained. I should have gotten something else. So I wouldn't get it. Very cheap parts to the guitar. Hence, the lower price on mean streets than music yos.



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