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    Default Two DJs suspended for anti-police remarks

    ST. LOUIS, Missouri (AP) -- Two hip-hop radio personalities have been suspended for an on-air discussion of ways to fight police officers -- comments made not long after an officer was slain.

    Officials at KATZ-FM would not detail the comments, but said the remarks made on Wednesday related to ways to hurt or disarm police officers.

    The two suspended disc jockeys, whose professional names are DJ Kaos and DJ Sylli Asz, were discussing with callers on their morning show how to fight for an officer's radio so he or she cannot call for help, the station said.

    Yo Cuzzin Big Sexy Koool Dj Kaos

    Syllli Asz

    Lee Clear, general manager of the station, apologized for the comments, calling them "entirely inappropriate."

    The radio personalities, whose real names were not immediately available, also apologized.

    Clear noted that the station's owner, Clear Channel Communications, had just used its stations to ask the public for information to help find the killer of Sgt. William McEntee, who was fatally shot July 5 in the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood. A suspect has been arrested.

    "We just buried an officer last week," St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa said. "Nobody wants to hear some comic remark about disarming a police officer and taking their radio away so they can't get help. That was outrageous."
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    Well heck, now they qualify for their very own MTV show. Yay-uh!!!



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