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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    If you know anything about phone recordings
    I need your help!!!!
    I know this should be placed somewhere else but I need this information.

    If you have a recorder hooked up to your phone and you're recording a conversation,
    is there another device the person being
    recorded can use to block out or cause the recorder not to work?????

    I'd rather not go into details.....but threats were issued (the need for the tape)
    but the recorder didn't pick it up.
    No, I wasn't threatened, but someone close to me was

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    06.20.18 @ 09:43 AM
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    you can get a little device at Radio Shack that is essentially a suction cup and a wire. You attach the suction end to the back of the ear end of your phone, and plug the chord into your tape recorder. It usually works pretty good. I used it for years doing interviews. . .including mine with EVH!



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