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    07.27.07 @ 12:06 PM
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    Never Done This Before...

    I just went back and checked out a bunch of post's I have participated in since I started frequenting this board, what a strange experience!

    A lot has happened to me since 2001, I got here just after the September 11th attacks and the closure of The Pleasure Dome, since then we have had the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was strange seeing so many people post there opinion one way or the other for the invasion, and it's strange how much my opinion has changed (and a lot of other people's, except maybe MikeL).

    My marriage fell apart in November 2002, not even three months before that I was shooting the shit with VinceG about how cool the Rush show was in San Diego, it felt surreal reading that, I mentioned my ex a few times, I totally forgot about that entire conversation! Since then I met my girlfriend and fell in love with her, I will be proposing to her next month. My ex has had a really hard time since 2002, it's been a strange experience for both of us, especially since we have remained close almost the entire time, but she has a new man that seems cool, her last boyfriend was a convicted felon that served 12 years in prison, he did some terrible thing's to her.

    Does anyone remember that fiasco Brad started with the announcement for the Peavey Wolfgang Custom Shop? He totally led us to believe there would be a huge Van Halen announcement coming soon, what an ass!

    There was a bunch of stuff, the way I posted back then made me laugh, I have really had to improve my spelling, mostly because my Girlfriend is a college professor of English.

    If your not doing anything it's a trip checking this stuff out, crazy how much you change in just a few years.

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    11.18.14 @ 06:57 PM
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    My posts from the first TWO years here were lost forever
    "Suck a fat one, faggot."
    -MikeL, showing off that sharp wit of his.

    "You may recognize some of these chemicals. Let's start with cyanide...The one the Aum Shinrikyo cult attempted to use to commit mass murder in a Tokyo subway in May 1995...The same cyanide produced routinely--1.4 million tons per year--for use in the production of plastics, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and so on. It seems that those who put small amounts of cyanide in subways are terrorists. But those who produce it in mass quantities and contaminate broad reaches of soil, water, and air, killing countless living beings, are not terrorists, but rather capitalists, and are counted among the finest and most powerful people on the planet."

    -Derrick Jensen, "What We Leave Behind"

    "You know what's weird to me is Christians who are against the death penalty. After all, if it weren't for the death penalty, we wouldn't celebrate Easter!"

    -the late, great, Bill Hicks



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