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    Hollister Rally 2005 Pics- The Tubes, Pat Travers, Montrose

    Had FUN this weekend at the bike Rally in Hollister!
    Here's the link to my pics of some cool things at the Rally, and of course, the shows we saw.

    Pat Travers was really great!!! He's got that deal down on the guitar that is just like what Eddie does with the delay and the volume knob. He did that in his solo and it blew me away!!! I thought for sure he was gonna do Cathedral! LOL!!! No offense here, but I was thinking "Eddie WHO?" LMAO!!!!!
    Tight band. REAL tight! In fact, a statement PT made in reference to that is impressed on my mind and I'll probably use it myself someday...
    He said, "This band is TIGHT! In fact, this band is TIGHTER THAN A GNAT'S ASS STRETCHED OVER A RAINBOW!" LMFAO!!!! If that ain't a profound statement, I don't know what is! LOL!

    Enjoy the pics!

    "I don't care if I never get another fan. I'm KEEPIN' all of these!" -S.H.

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    02.07.12 @ 12:01 PM
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    Cool pics! Good bloke, old Pat. Played with him once years ago and he was a cool guy. (Never got the job though - too young!)



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