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    02.14.09 @ 05:00 PM
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    Woman Sets Fire To Home Then Commits Suicide In Police Stand-Off In Salinas, CA

    No folks, it wasn't me...but I was there.

    I heard the fire trucks about 8:30am this morning. Got up, made
    coffee and when I stepped outside to get the newspaper, I smelled
    smoke. I went in and turned on the scanner and heard the fire was
    just a few blocks away. I decided to cruise over to check it out and
    on the way, heard the police channel talking about some woman with a
    gun. One cop was giving a running report of every move she made. I
    didn't realize that BOTH incidents were happening at the SAME place
    till I got there. They had the streets blocked off and lots of
    people were standing around watching the action. SWAT teams and
    snipers on roof tops, looked like a hundred cops and fire personel.
    The woman was in her back yard as the house was blazing. The cop on
    the scanner was saying she would repeatedly go to a fruit tree, pick
    some fruit, sit in a lawn chair, eat, drink some water from a plastic
    cup, point the gun at her head then lay it on her lap and hang her
    head and cry. Then, for a long time, she just sat in the chair and
    repeatedly would raise the gun to her face as if trying to get up the
    courage to do it. This went on for several hours. Then again, the
    cop said she had the gun at her face, but this time had cocked the
    hammer. All the people who were around me shuddered and sucked in
    their breath when we heard the *PAP* of a gunshot. The cop said, "She
    did it. She shot herself. Confirming one gunshot to the face."

    All of us were hoping they'd taze her or something...shoot the water
    cannon at her...whatever...but they didn't do anything. Such a shame.
    This area is usually so quiet. This was a BIG thing to have happen
    here. All the neighbors were out checking it out. Heard from the
    man who lived next to her that she had gotten into a fight with her
    girlfriend (yes, her partner)before this. Aparrantly the G/F had
    brought a MAN home and she was distraught about an impending break-up
    I suppose. People thought at first that she had shot the G/F and
    that the body was burning in the house. Police later found the G/F
    unharmed in an undisclosed location.

    JA <---had enought excitement around here to last for a
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    02.14.09 @ 05:00 PM
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    Another Link...

    Here's another link from our local paper today.

    "I don't care if I never get another fan. I'm KEEPIN' all of these!" -S.H.

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    07.19.13 @ 07:52 PM
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    Default That's really terrible, Jeanette...

    Sorry it happened so close to you.
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    and by the way...

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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    Salinas PD has been under fire for Tazer use. They just barely won a lawsuit where they shot a man who turned out to be mentally ill (the man was stabbing a police dog). It doesn't suprise me that they're gun shy, especially with both local t.v. networks with camera crews there.

    It's sad, but they are in a tight place. She wasn't threatening anybody else, all they could do was contain her.
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    03.03.18 @ 06:52 PM
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    Wow, that's scary specially happening so close by.

    I was wondering why the poe poes didn't try to do something else to get the gun away from her. Thanks for the clarification.

    BTW - JA - You have a scanner??? I'll bet that makes things interesting. People around where I live have scanners too and they know about all the happenings while I'm usually the last to hear anything!!
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