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    09.24.18 @ 12:39 PM
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    Let me say from the begining that I find the stories about Ed asking Kurt if he could come jam about as believable as the stories I heard in the 80's about an onstage guitar duel with EVH and Yngwie. I didn't believe that either- and I was kinda gullable when I was as a kid. The following is posted for entertainment purposes. I do not believe the story, nor do I wish to convince other ppl its true.

    I first heard this story three or four years ago from a friend of mine who played in a local indie band called The Ashley Stove. He took his guitar to some local guy who supposedly had teched for Nirvana. I know there are some ppl here from the triangle area, maybe somebody can verify that there is a such a person around here. I don't have his name, never did. Any way, my friend Matt claimed that this guy told him a similar story first hand. The guy claimed to have been back stage at a Nirvana concert and EVH comes back and asks if he can come out and play with them. Kurt says ok, I'll tell you when. He keeps motioning "not yet" to him, until finally he(Cobain) pulls out a drill(I don't know where he was supposed to get it from, I already said I don't believe the story) lays down the guitar and drills through the middle of it. He then proceded to raise it over his head, still on the drill, but now spinning around from the motion of the drill bit. Finally, EVH storms off.

    I don't actually believe any form of the story that I've heard. Cobain rejecting EVH just doesn't seem based in reality to me. But I would be curious to see if anybody out there can put a name with the mystery guitar tech.

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    10.28.15 @ 05:22 PM
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    Steve Lukather



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