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    09.16.13 @ 01:25 PM
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    Marshall TSL Mods

    I have recently obtained a Marshall TSL 122 combo. I got it on ebay in good condition. The tubes are stock and the only mod is that one speaker has been replaced with a G12T-75.

    It has one Celestion G12T-75, and one Celestion Heritage that is marked only with G12 and 8 ohms. I am assuming this speaker came with the amp.

    The amp is nice but sounds too bright and buzzy on the crunch and lead channels. I have to roll the treble way back. I want it to be much warmer and to have more of a smooth "brown sound". It sounds very harsh. I am looking for Van Halen, G'n'R, and Satch style lead sounds.

    I want to replace at least one of the speakers with a Vintage 30. I'm not sure which one to replace. I read the Heritage is a Greenback reissue and should only be rated at around 30 watts. It isn't however marked the way I would expect and I can't find out the exact model. Maybe it is a special design for the amp? Is the Heritage warmer than the G12T-75? I haven't A/B'd them yet. Should I keep the G12T-75 for it's power handling? What will give me the sound I'm looking for. I might eventually replace both with Vintage 30's but not yet.

    I've heard JJ E34L's are warmer and darker than normal EL34's and I'm sure new tubes wouldn't hurt anyway. I am planning on ordering the Standard Retube Kit from Eurotubes. Will this help me also? Has anyone tried them in a TSL?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for sweetening the sound of this amp with some affordable mods? I'm willing to try anything short of sending it to Voodoo Amps. Thanx.

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    04.30.16 @ 02:52 PM
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    I was going to mention Voodoo Labs before you put that at the bottom of your post. The speaker switch will smooth things out--the G12T75 is very
    spikey in the low and treble frequencies--more of a mid scoop. These will be
    rounded out nicely by a Vintage 30 or the like--just make sure the speaker wattage conforms with the output wattage of the amp.

    I would recommend getting a THD Hotplate or some other kind of power soak. That should eliminate the "buzzy" characteristics of the TSL (which presumably are coming at a lower volume level?). Any high watt tube amp
    set at or below 2 is probably going to sound thin and buzzy, fyi. Hopefully, it should sound full when you crank it a bit.

    Have fun w/ it and good luck.
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    03.25.18 @ 04:26 PM
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    The TSL comes STANDARD with 2 mismatched speakers, one Heritage and one Celestion.

    Whether yours still had a modded speaker or not, I cannot say.



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